The Health Risks of Untreated Varicose Veins

As many as 40 million Americans are affected by vein disease and its painful symptoms. Yet, a great deal of those suffering with aching legs and leg swelling in Sheboygan chose to simply live with these painful conditions, not realizing the danger untreated vein disease poses.

Varicose veins with their swollen, rope-like appearance are a cosmetic nightmare to be sure.  Left untreated, they can develop into serious health concerns. The reason varicose veins look the way they do is because they are actually diseased veins lacking the ability to effectively pump blood back to the heart. The delicate valves within these problem veins begin to malfunction and allow blood to leak backwards.

This reflux of blood inside the vein leads to pooling and eventually causes the leg swelling Sheboygan patients begin to see on the surface of their skin. Overtime, these distended veins can significantly slow the return of blood to one of your most vital organs: the heart.

If left untreated, varicose veins can lead to:

  • A gradual decrease in blood circulation leading to prominent varicosities and often progressive  leg swelling
  • Development of sores, skin ulcers, leg pain and other on-going irritation
  • Leakage of red blood cell and fluid into tissues causing leg swelling and increased pigmentation in Sheboygan patients
  • Deep vein thrombosis — unusual
  • Ruptured varicose veins are a rare occurrence in Sheboygan patients causing  blood loss or ulcer formation

Vein disease is often a progressive disease.  With more severe disease, the longer you wait to treat it the worse it may become. Call Lakeshore Veins at (262) 241-3999,  Our vein doctor has more than 20 years of experience and will create a Personalized Treatment Plan to treat your leg pain. Contact us online to learn more about our dedication to freeing you of your leg pain today!

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