Sclerotherapy is a safe and effective treatment for spider veins and small varicosities. At Lakeshore Veins we use two agents (sotradecol and polidocanol), both FDA approved agents for sclerotherapy. Injections are performed in the spider or varicose veins in multiple locations with a small-gauge needle. No anesthesia is needed.

The sclerosing agent destroys the lining of the blood vessel causing the walls to stick together. The vein collapses and over time your body absorbs the vessel. Occasionally, blood and debris may become trapped in the vessel, leading to a bluish/blackish distended vein noticeable 1-4 weeks post procedure. This can be treated in the office by making a small pinhole in the skin and releasing the debris.

There is usually no down time associated with sclerotherapy. You are asked to wear compression stockings for 3 days after sclerotherapy to help keep the vessel closed after treatment.

Lakeshore Veins and Wellness specializes in offering Milwaukee and surrounding areas patients sclerotherapy vein treatment.