Endovenous radiofrequency ablation is performed on the larger, straight abnormal vessels feeding the superficial varicose veins. This is analogous to treating the root of the system. Our radiofrequency ablation services offers patients in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area relief from pain.

Endovenous means from within the vein. Therefore, with this procedure a small 2-3 mm nick in the skin is made, the vein is entered with a small catheter and the treatment is performed from inside the vein therefore nearly eliminating ugly scarring.

Radiofrequency refers to the energy source used to heat and seal the vein closed.radio_frequency

Ablation is simply a medical term for removal or destruction. In this situation, the vein is destroyed (ablated) by the radiofrequency heat source, the ablated vein collapses, becomes scar tissue and is eventually resorbed by the body. The blood flow is rerouted through normal, healthy veins.

With now normal circulation, the symptoms of leg pain, heaviness, restless legs, swelling and itching improve rapidly over days to weeks. The surface varicose veins become less distended but, may require combined therapy with sclerotherapy or microphlebectomy to go away. After the procedure, all patients recover at varying speeds, however, most are able to return to their normal activities immediately or within a few days and walking is encouraged immediately after the procedure.

Prior to Radiofrequency ablation

1 month post radiofrequency ablation and microphlebectomy