Laser Vein Treatment

Milwaukee, WI


What is Laser Vein Treatment?

Endovenous laser ablation involves passing a small fiber into the vein and treating the vein with a laser. The laser is a heat source that sears the vessel closed. The vessel scars and is eventually absorbed by the body. With the blood now rerouted through the healthy veins, the symptoms such as leg heaviness, swelling, pain, itching and restless legs, usually resolve quickly.

The procedure is done in our office and takes 30-45 minutes. It is performed while you are awake as heavy sedation is not necessary.  Without heavy sedation, the procedure is safer for you. Mild oral sedation can be used if you are nervous, however, the procedure is generally not painful. It involves only a few needle sticks with a tiny gauge needle in order to anesthetize the skin and area around the vein. No incisions are needed.

After the procedure, you will wear a compression stocking for at least a week post procedure. You will walk immediately and walking is encouraged. Most people return to their normal activities immediately or within a few days.

The Lakeshore Veins Difference:  We use a 1470 nm state of the art laser, which targets water.  This means we can drop the power the laser uses.  This means less post procedure bruising and pain.  Most of our patients feel they had little procedural discomfort.  See our testimonials.