Below are actual Lakeshore Veins patients.  See the improvements in the vein ablation before and after pictures!



Female patient with painful, bulging left calf varicose vein is seen in the ‘before’ picture. The ‘after’ picture is 2 months after vein ablation and Micophlebectomy. As you can see, the bulging varicosity is gone. There is mild pigment change which will resolve over time. This Lakeshore Veins patient is quite pleased with the results and she no longer has pain.

Male patient with painful, bulging varicose veins.  Pictures show before and 1 month after vein ablation and microphlebectomy.  He is very pleased with the results and just bought his first pair of shorts in 20 years!

  • Before

  • 1 month after

Male patient pre and 6 weeks after vein ablation of the Great Saphenous Vein with microphlebectomy.  He is quite pleased with the results and reports no discomfort.  He is happy he no longer experiences leg swelling or heaviness and that his legs are equal in size.

Female patient before and 6 months after vein ablation of the Great Saphenous Vein.  She is pleased with the results and  no longer has pain or swelling in her leg.

  • Before

  • After

Female patient after microphlebectomy for varicose veins.  She is quite happy with the marked improvement!

Female patient had aching, cramping, heaviness, itching, pain, swelling and  restless legs. Patient had a Radiofrequency Ablation with microphlebectomy and  2 sclerotherapy sessions with in a year.

Female patient had a cluster of spiders veins. Patient only had one sclerotherapy session.

This male patient had cramping, heaviness, itching, pain and swelling. He is 1 month post Radiofrequency Ablation and microphlebectomy.  He has significantly improved.