Mequon Vein Clinic treats Spider Veins, Varicose Veins

At Lakeshore Veins, a Mequon Vein Clinic on the north side of Milwaukee, we treat spider veins, varicose veins and leg pain in a comfortable, healing atmosphere.  If you have aching legs, pain, swelling, obvious ropy varicose veins, embarrassing spider veins or just are not sure why your legs do not feel right, come have your legs evaluated.  We will do a thorough clinical leg evaluation, ultrasound mapping and give you the personal consultation you need.

Many people have serious vein trouble and symptoms that they get used to living with every day.  Most insurance companies will cover vein disease that is symptomatic — causing you trouble.  Otherwise, we can help with cosmetic issues like spider veins that are not a covered  problem.

Come visit our Mequon based vein clinic, just off of I43 and Port Washington Road.  We offer free screenings, education, a tour and a chance to meet the staff.   Our Medical Director, Dr. Anne Bartel has 20 years of experience in treating vein disease.  She is skilled in all minimally invasive technologies for treating vein disease.  She has a passion for treating patients with vein disease and will make sure you are knowledgeable about your vein problems and the treatments that are available.   Lakeshore Veins offers both Radiofrequency Ablation and Laser treatments to close problem veins.  Ambulatory microphlebectomy is done for varicose vein clusters.   Sclerotherapy is available for spider veins.

We treat people as family.  The way we all want to be treated.

Here is an example of the Sigvaris sleeve that can be used while exercising to reduce leg pain and swelling.  We sell these comfortable and beautiful stockings here at our Mequon vein clinic location.  We sell medical grade compression stockings for people on their feet all day and for athletes who want to work out.  Come see the full range of venous compression stockings that are available.

varicose veins_socks

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