A Healthy Diet for Improved Vein Health

Varicose veins, leg pain, and other vein diseases can be hereditary or they can be caused by gender, pregnancy, or spending a lot of time on your feet. However, there are simple changes you can make to your diet to improve the health of your veins. Here are four tips to help keep your veins healthy:

Fill Up On Fiber

Not eating enough fiber in your diet can result in pressure in the abdomen which obstructs the healthy flow of blood in the legs. Over time, this can weaken the vein walls and contribute to varicose veins or other health issues. We recommend 21-25 grams of fiber per day for women and 30-38 grams per day for men.

Load Up on Antioxidants

Vitamin C helps build and protect strong blood vessels which can help some of the symptoms associated with varicose veins. Berries are a great source of antioxidants and can be added to your oatmeal to start the day or you can consider adding  strawberries to your salad at lunch.

Drink More Water

Water is an important part of your diet, especially when you’re eating more fiber. Water helps fiber do its job by flushing out the system and reducing cramping and bloating. We recommend starting your day with a glass of water immediately upon getting out of bed in the morning and continuing to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Decrease Sodium Intake

Foods high in sodium can cause the body to retain fluid which could result in increased swelling and additional damage to the veins. By reducing your sodium intake and upping water consumption, the fluids in your tissues can begin to balance out. Be sure to read your labels. Sodium is not just salt added at the dinner table—it’s hidden in canned soups, deli meats, salad dressings, sauces, frozen entrées, and fast food.

Improving your diet is one small step you can take toward managing your vein health and preventing spider veins in Milwaukee. The leg pain experts at Lakeshore Veins  are committed to helping you live a happy and comfortable life by using high-end laser technologies to stop leg pain, aching legs, and to treat vein diseases. If you want more information about varicose vein treatment, our specialists will provide quick, comprehensive, painless solutions, in a spa-like atmosphere. Call (262) 241-3999 or Contact Us Online to set up a consultation and say goodbye to leg pain and aching legs.

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