Is Varicose Vein Treatment a One Time Thing?

Many patients contemplating varicose vein removal want to know if their problem veins will be gone for good after one session. Typically, the answer is no. Look at it this way; do you only visit your dentist, OB/GYN or cardiologist once in your life? Not likely.

For proper diagnosis, treatment and management of medical concerns, more than one visit is necessary. The same is true when it comes to comprehensive varicose vein treatment.

To understand why several visits to a vein clinic may be needed, it is helpful to compare venous insufficiency to an iceberg, in both instances most of the problem lies beneath the surface. Depending on the venous disorder, several visits may be necessary to eliminate leg pain, improve symptoms and gain the desired outcomes.

Of course obtaining varicose or spider vein treatment in Milwaukee from a vein clinic with a highly qualified vein doctor also lessens your risk of improper care and therefore the chance of “re-do” procedures.

What to look for when choosing a physician for varicose vein treatment in Milwaukee:

  • Specialists, who like those at Lakeshore Veins, understand the treatment of venous insufficiency goes beyond cosmetic necessity.
  • Customized treatment to fit each patient’s specific needs is crucial. Each patient should be examined on an individual basis and a detailed plan of care drawn up.
  • Look for a vein clinic whose specialists have knowledge and experience with all venous procedures including sclerotherapy and laser ablation treatment.
  • Follow-up care is offered. Don’t believe a doctor who tells you everything can be accomplished in one visit. Multiple visits are needed for diagnosis, ultrasound scans and treatment.

If you’re suffering from chronic leg pain, visit the vein specialists at Lakeshore Veins. Dr. Bartel is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date varicose vein treatment in Mequon and the surrounding Milwaukee areas. Call (262) 241-3999 or contact us online to learn more.

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