What to Expect During a Varicose Vein Consultation

Our vein doctor is board certified and special trained in the area of vein diagnosis and treatment.  Our initial goal in is to identify and understand the causes of a patient’s leg pain and swelling, and to inform them of the available treatment options. Knowing what to expect during this vein screening can be helpful in preparing for your upcoming consultation.


First make sure any patient forms including medical history are filled out to the best of your ability before your scheduled appointment begins.

Physical Examination

During your appointment, our board certified vein specialists will examine specific areas of concern. This initial screening focuses on your family and vascular history, leg and vein symptoms, and to identify the affected areas. In order to properly examine problem areas we will have you wear a pair of shorts, either ones you wear or we provide


The ultrasound is an important step in gathering information about the extent of the damage to your veins. This highly specialized examination provides our physicians with a precise map of your venous insufficiencies (i.e. damaged veins, blood clots and artery blockages) so we can tailor procedures specifically for you. This hour and exam allows us to be able to pinpoint the exact cause of your vein related concerns and any leg pain Mequon patients may be having.  A portion of this exam will be done with you standing.

Physician Interpretation

Lastly, our board certified specialist will review the ultrasound findings and customize a treatment plan that will have you feeling better as quickly as possible. During this doctor visit, you’ll discuss your diagnosis, treatment options, procedures and post-procedure instructions if applicable. One of our office staff can also walk you through details of cost, insurance criteria and answer any questions you may have.

At Lakeshore Veins, our primary goal with varicose vein treatment or spider vein treatment is to treat the underlying venous insufficiency while providing you with a cosmetic result you can be proud of. Call (262) 241-3999 our office today to set up your appointment or contact us online to learn more about varicose vein treatment options in Mequon and the surrounding area.  We do offer as well, a 15-30 minute free screening which allows you to come and meet the physician and understand the process.  Do not hesitate to book your free screening appointment in our vein clinic serving Mequon, Milwaukee and Sheboygan.

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