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Winner Milwaukee top choice award

2018 Lakeshore Veins Wins Milwaukee Top Choice Awards

Lakeshore Veins Wins Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Top Choice Awards 

Winner Milwaukee top choice awardLakeshore Veins is a winner of 2018 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Top Choice awards for the second year in a row. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Choice Awards is a yearly online poll. Readers vote for their favorite organizations in many categories. Categories include entertainment, restaurants, health care and services. Readers nominated Lakeshore Veins in 3 separate health care groups. Voting started in June and went through the middle of July. Lakeshore Veins emerged as the top Medical Practice over a group of 28 other practices. This is a remarkable win for a small practice.   In that, Lakeshore Veins was chosen best over many large Milwaukee area medical practices. Besides that, Lakeshore Veins was voted the best Medical Spa and Best Cosmetic Surgeons. In those 2 categories they topped 5 other Milwaukee area vein clinics and many other organizations.

Lakeshore Veins Difference

Group photo of vein clinic staff at Lakeshore Veins serving greater Milwaukee, WisconsinLocated in Mequon, Lakeshore Veins clinicians treat venous disease. Vein disease can lead problems including varicose veins, leg swelling and leg pain. Vein disease can also progress to skin break down and venous ulcers. Additionally, vein disease can be cosmetically unappealing. Lakeshore Veins takes pride is excellent patient care.  As such, Lakeshore Veins is the only vein center in greater Milwaukee ,  in fact in all of Wisconsin, with national accreditation.  We pride ourselves at treating everyone like family. With excellent care, Lakeshore Veins draws patients from Milwaukee, Sheboygan, Kenosha, and Racine.

Most people are happy with the results and that the treatments are easy. Also, insurance covers many vein treatments if symptoms are present. At Lakeshore Veins we offer most proven vein procedures which we fit to your needs. Vein treatments include sclerotherapy for spider veins, as well as laser vein ablation, radiofrequency vein ablation, vein glue and newer medications given with ultrasound guided injections for larger veins. Please call to discuss what treatments are best for you.

We really want to thank our Lakeshore Veins community for voting us Milwaukee’s Top Choice in 3 health care areas.  We are most proud of our 2017 and 2018 Milwaukee Top Choice wins!

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Tips for Travelers with Venous Disease

Long trips are often accompanied by long hours spent in an uncomfortable seated position. Whether you’re in a car, plane, or train, sitting for an extended period of time decreases circulation because of pressure to the legs. It is important to understand how your circulatory system works and what precautions should be considered before any […]

Why Do My Leg Veins Itch?

Varicose and Spider veins have many associated symptoms.  Most people realize that their legs may ache or feel heavy, but varicose veins and spider veins also cause leg swelling, skin discoloration, venous eczema, restless leg syndrome and venous ulcers.

Common Questions Regarding Vein Treatment

Here are some common questions about vein treatment you can have answered during a Free Screening or Full Consult at Lakeshore Veins  in the Northern Milwaukee suburbs. (We are a stone’s throw away from I 43, and only 10-15 minutes from I 45 via Mequon Road).

Varicose veins in an athlete's legs after exercising

Varicose Veins and Exercise

The benefits of regular exercise are well known, yet when it comes to vein health not all physical activity is created equal.  Activities that require your legs to support heavier weight over a prolonged period such as weightlifting, or backpacking, or possibly repetitive movements like running can cause your leg vessels to distend.   You may […]