Bleeding and Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins are unsightly and can cause adverse symptoms.  Most frequently the symptoms of varicose veins are pain, heaviness, leg swelling, itching, skin discoloration and restless legs.  However, sometimes varicose veins can bleed, and they can bleed extensively.  This bleeding is one of the primary reasons why people will end up in the emergency room for varicose veins.

What to do if your veins bleed

If your varicose veins bleed, the bleeding can usually be controlled at home by doing 2 things:

     1.  Lie down and elevate your leg above heart level

     2.  Apply direct pressure to the site for 10 minutes without removing pressure.

The veins are not under high pressure, like the arteries,  and therefore, finger tip pressure should be sufficient to stop the bleeding.  The location of the pressure, however, needs to be right over the bleeding site. Once the bleeding stops, avoid hot baths or showers which may soften the scab.  You should also protect the area to avoid any trauma to the site.  Graduated compression stockings will also help reduce the distension and pressure in the veins.


To avoid future episodes of bleeding

You will require varicose vein treatments.  Cauterization of the bleeding vessel which may be performed in the emergency room is only temporizing and more permanent treatments will need to be done.  Insurance will cover varicose vein treatments with bleeding and this is an indication that insurance will pay for sclerotherapy.  The first step to getting treatment is a mapping ultrasound.  The ultrasound will evaluate not only the bleeding vessel, but the vessels deep to the skin which are feeding the area.  Once you have a mapping venous insufficiency ultrasound, a treatment plan is made for you.  Generally the treatment plan will include a procedure to close the feeding vessels – often laser or radiofrequency vein ablation,  as well as sclerotherapy to close the superficial bleeding vessels.

At Lakeshore Veins in Mequon, WI we know that bleeding varicose veins can be scary, but we have the knowledge and skill to fix this problem.   Procedures such as vein ablation and sclerotherapy are not painful, and do not require long recovery times.  Call us today and set up an appointment – (262) 241-3999.

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