Athletes and Compression Hose

Regular exercise can strengthen muscles and increase blood circulation throughout the body, and is recommended by venous specialists as a way to thwart leg pain and vein disease.

Yet, not all exercise is created equal. High-impact activities such as running can actually place too much strain on veins. These extended periods of this strain over time can cause vein health to deteriorate, increasing leg swelling and venous issues.

Athletes that engage in high-impact exercise are more likely to develop venous insufficiencies such as varicose and spider veins. Thankfully, these varicosities can be treated in Mequon with any number of non-invasive and relatively painless procedures.

During high-impact activity excess pressure can build up in our veins causing leg pain and leg swelling. Often, athletes fed up with their aching legs in Mequon choose to visit a vein clinic to be fitted for sports grade compression hose. These compression hose are specially designed to help improve circulation, which in turn delivers more oxygen and nutrient- rich blood to the body’s muscles and organs. The increased rate of oxygen improves athletic performance, reduces muscle fatigue, and supports healthy vein function.

Athletes wearing compression hose often experience these benefits:

  • Less pressure in the veins, reducing stretching, and swelling
  • Fewer incidents of cramping
  • Improvement in range of movement
  • Enhanced muscle oxygenation
  • Reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness

Wearing compression hose creates a necessary tension around the muscles and tissues in the calves ensuring increased blood flow during exercise. However, if you are an athlete suffering from continuous leg pain, exploring a more permanent option for varicose vein treatment in Mequon is recommended.

The expert physicians at Lakeshore Veins, have years of experience treating venous insufficiency with minimally invasive vein procedures. Call us today at (262) 241-3999 or contact us online to learn more about varicose vein treatment in Mequon and the surrounding communities.

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