Are There Natural Remedies For Varicose or Spider Veins?

In my Mequon Vein Clinic, Lakeshore Veins, I find more and more people are searching for alternative and non invasive treatments.

To prevent varicose and spider veins from developing we recommend, exercise, leg elevation, maintaining a healthy body weight and use of compression stockings.  Many people can do everything right and still develop varicose and spider veins.  Why???  You can blame genetics for that!

Now that I have these varicose veins and ugly spider veins, is there a pill or ointment I can use to get rid of them?  The short answer is no.  In looking at herbal remedies, there is some data to suggest that Butcher’s Broom (Ruscus aculeatus), a Mediterranean evergreen plant, may help with chronic venous insufficiency.  Chronic venous insufficiency is related to varicose veins and can cause leg swelling, fatigue and pain.  Butcher’s Broom in a double blind trial over 12 week period showed a significant decrease in leg swelling.  It does not however, rid you of those ugly veins and the swelling returns with discontinuation of the supplement.  As with all supplements, you should discuss use with your physician before taking.

Best methods for getting rid of varicose veins are the minimally invasive techniques of laser vein ablation, radiofrequency ablation, sclerotherapy and microphlebectomy.  The treatments right for you depend on your anatomy determined by a mapping ultrasound.  For additional questions please contact us at [email protected] or come visit us at our Mequon vein clinic.

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